Harvesting the power of nature

Who we are

Cypress Biotechnology is a young and dynamic biotechnology company working for a better future for humankind and the environment. Founded in 2016 as startup innovativa (Italian law n. 221/2012) by a diverse team of experts, Cypress Biotechnology aims to change the way we approach biotechnological and biomedical challenges. We believe that the answers to many of today challenges are encoded in Nature's four billion years of evolution, and we are working to unlock them. We believe our work to be of social service. Our current research falls into three main areas: Antimicrobial Materials, Environmental Decontamination and Bioactive Compounds discovery.

Our Research

Antimicrobial Materials

We believe that the fight against infections starts before their onset. Newly designed, smarter antimicrobial materials will allow to selectively control microbial abundance and activity in key sectors, like health care, food and drug manufactoring. At Cypress we are working to develop the next generation of antimicrobial materials to be used in tomorrow's devices and built environments.

Environmental Decontamination

Whatever the cause you're fighting for, hunger, poverty, equality, nothing will matter if we do not save our planet. We firmly believe that a better, greener future is possible, and we started working on it. At Cypress we are working to develop innovative ways to decontaminate the environments, using next generation high-tech solutions combined to biotechnological approaches.

Bioactive Compounds

Four billion years of evolution alredy created the answer to most of our biological challenges. The difficulty lies in finding the right one for the task ahead. At Cypress we posses a growing collection of bioactive compounds, extracted from organisms isolated from some of the most remote locations on Earth.



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